Holy Shitkittens, How Wrong I Have Been

I cannot take credit for the word “shitkittens” that comes from the terrible mind of one Chuck Wendig. He is an author, screenwriter and game designer. Chuck also writes a blog, terribleminds.com chock full of helpful advice for “aspiring” writers. Chuck could also teach a creative cursing class that would blow your mucking find. In a recent post, http://terribleminds.com/ramble/2013/07/23/writers-you-might-be-doing-it-wrong-if/  Chuck tells all of us “writers” just how wrong we might be going about being a writer. More than a couple of the things on the list I found myself relating to. The biggest wrong I am guilty of is viewing myself as an “aspiring” writer, you are either a writer or you are not a writer, period, end of story.

I am a writer; I write… sometimes… sometimes counts as being a writer, right? Wrong. A writer writes, daily or at least more often than not. I write for two, three days and then do no writing for a week or more and that’s just weak. This is the easiest wrong to right, just write, right? Ah, but this is also the hardest one to fix for me personally, I have to hold myself accountable. And, that I have had a difficult time doing in the past, but no longer. I figure with my current work schedule I have four-five mornings every week to use for writing, I just have to get up early enough to use that time for writing. The past week I have been getting up earlier, so that’s a good start.

Another thing on the list, rather play video games, instead of write or coming up with any other reason to not write is not acceptable. Writing must given top priority with use of my free time. This comes down to not accepting excuses for not writing, if there is no good reason to not be writing, I should be writing. Spending time with the family (wife and children) is probably the best excuse to not write, but it is just that an excuse. If I have to spend some time, with just me and the laptop, not with the family, I cannot feel guilty about that.

I must do to be. Simply put, to be a writer, I must write. Fortunately, I have plenty to work on right now. There is a three book series that I have been thinking about for quite awhile. I am about half way done with the outline for book one. I also have a slew of short story ideas that I have brewing in the background, just waiting to come to life. There is also this (the blog) but I honestly never know what to write about, it is all just randomness. For now I will keep it as it is. When I become a more consistent writer I will get the blog more focused and have an overall theme.

I love writing, I always have. Regardless of the outcome of my writing (whether published or not) I will always be a writer. If I begin writing on a regular basis, I believe the outcome will be favorable. Thank you for reading and have a great day.

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One Response to Holy Shitkittens, How Wrong I Have Been

  1. Mary Schultz says:

    I’m glad to see you finally saw the light…you have a talent! Keep writing!!!
    P.S. holy shitkittens…..that’s great lol

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