Faceless North Facers

I have never understood the need to belong to a larger group. For me, being an individual has always trumped moving with the herd. It is the obsession with the north face brand that currently baffles me. I could understand if it was a superior product and while there is some variations in the product line the most important and prominent aspect of the product is the name brand. It seems so mass produced with the thought “if my friends have this slightly more expensive name brand product that I too should have it” and it seems to be working on the genius level. The “individuals” that wear these products bear the north face badge with the honor of belonging to select club. To me they have become the “faceless north facers”, blind followers desperate to belong.

It is not meant to be disrespectful, I understand the human need to belong and identify with others is strong and ingrained in our survival DNA, but it goes beyond just north face. With very little variation these faceless ones wear nearly all the same or similar looking products. They are essentially copies of each other, varying body shapes, but always faceless. Even worse, most of the faceless have trouble thinking for themselves, they need to be told what they want. Sweeping generalization? Hell yeah! Why are there generalizations? Because they more truthful than not.

If people only wear north face because it is a superior product, I wonder would they be willing to cover up those north face badges? Maybe put a patch over the brand name with something more individual??? I do not believe people would do this, they are so proud to display those north face badges. They almost seem to puff up their chests, especially when they see another member. It says I belong, I am you, and we are the same. To me it says, I have forfeited my individuality for the sake of being a member of the mass produced for market.

I know many people that wear north face, not many that will read this; they all seem like good people. I just wonder, why did you buy north face? Was it because their product is better than the competition? Or is it because a lot of other people you know own their products? Would you be willing to cover the north face brand name? Would you be willing to express some individuality? Save yourself from becoming one of the faceless north facers.

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2 Responses to Faceless North Facers

  1. Steve says:

    I’ve found that the more strongly an individual identifies with a sports team, political party, or any other ‘group’ – the weaker their own personal sense of identity. If you live, breathe, eat, sleep, live, and die for your ‘team’, you probably don’t have much else to offer of yourself

    • I feel any time people sacrifice their individuality for the larger group they lose a piece of themselves. I think that’s why mob mentality is so different, the person sees themselve as part of a larger whole & not responsible for their individual actions.

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