Changes Are a Coming….

I just wanted to write a short post about some exciting changes coming to my blog.  For far too long it has been adrift on the sea, rudderless; just floating along, whatever came to mind I would write about.  There was never any direction.  As some of you on Facebook might have noticed I have been posting statuses that start with “The truth is…” I consider these common knowledge things that I am trying to put into my own words and share with others.  I call them fortune cookie wisdom, just little nuggets that if I practice throughout the day help keep my life in balance.  I have decided to extend the idea further with my blog.

I am going to focus on the truth or at least what I consider to be the truth.  Some of you are not going to agree with me, that’s understandable.  With that in mind though, anyone that would like to represent their view on a subject I will gladly open my blog to them (within reason, no racism or hateful thoughts will ever be posted.)  I am not going to claim to always be right, it will just be the truth as I see it on whatever subject I am writing about.  The subjects will range from family, parenting, politics, religion, etc….  I would love your input on what subjects you would like discussed- leave a comment (it is easy and painless, I promise) with suggestions or just post a reply on Facebook.

For the first time, in a long time, I have hope.  I feel inspired, I feel like a heavy fog has finally lifted.  In all likelihood in the next month or two I am going to be kicked off of disability, I should be terrified, I am not.  I had wanted to finish my associates degree before that happened; I am just excited about the fact that something is going to change.  I have lived in a vacuum for ten years, I have been a great father and husband, but I have often been ashamed of who I was a person. NO LONGER!!!  I only see unlimited potential ahead of me; I also see a lot of hard work and I am willing and able to take on all challenges.

The truth is this blog is going to serve to keep me grounded, keep me in balance.  I figure at least one blog a week, if I can’t spend one hour a week writing a blog, what’s the point, right?  As I said, anyone that would like to post something just let me know, I don’t care what the subject is (as long as it isn’t offensive.) The only thing I ask is, if you are willing to write it, you are willing to put your name to it.  I know that can be a scary idea- what will people think? What if I sound stupid? Etc…. Believe me, when I started doing this I was terrified, but then I got some real positive feedback.  I am at the point now that I don’t think much at all in regards to what people think about what I write and my writing has improved because of that.

So either this weekend or early next week look for the first post under the new concept of The Truth Is… I already know what it will about/titled- The Truth is … Family First.  For me family is and always will come first in importance. Until then, thank you for taking the time to read.

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