Meeting My Expectations

So how have you all been?  It has been quite some time since I have written a blog and I am long overdue to update what I have been up.  In the last blog I wrote Fear of Success  I mentioned that I was finally going to start living up to the expectation that myself and others had.  I was going back to school and I wanted to kick ass this semester.  It took quite a bit just to get into school, I was on deemed ineligible for financial aid, because I had royally screwed up the first semester that I went.  After writing a letter and explaining why my first semester was so awful I was put on probation and was eligible for aid, but I had pressure to be almost perfect to pull my GPA up to passing.

I do tend to thrive under pressure, so I had that going for me, but did I take blow off classes to bring up my average?  Nope!  I took some hard ass classes.  Macroeconomics (by far the hardest class I have ever taken), Consumer Finance, Principles in Management and College Composition.  To further increase the difficulty I took all these classes online.  Do not ever make the mistake of thinking online classes are easier; you are essentially the teacher and the student.  You have a professor that you can ask questions, but you basically teach yourself.  Of the classes I took, if I could do it again I would take Macroeconomics at school, not online.

At the start of the semester the class I feared the most was College Comp., I mean I love writing, but being given a writing assignment can at times kill my love of writing and stifle my creativity.  The first assignment I intentional tanked, I wanted it to seem like I had a lot of room for improvement.  I got a passing grade, but when I got the paper back it was littered with red ink.  Every other paper following that one were A’s including the research paper, suffice to say I got an A in that class.

Consumer Finance and Principles in Management were not easy, but they were not incredibly difficult either.  They were do the reading, take the test classes.  I had to write a three page paper in Principles on anything to do with management and that was no problem.  The tests in both these classes were hard but manageable.  My grades for these classes ended up being A’s.  So far, so good, I am living up to those lofty expectations I had for myself.

Until this semester Accounting had been the hardest class I had ever taken.  Macroeconomics blew Accounting away.  With all the graphs and having to be able to look at economics on a much larger scale, my mind was starting to get blown away after the second week.  The first test I did pretty well though, I was surprised.  The second test I had to go to the school to take the test, because my laptop charger had broken.  I was so distracted, sitting in a computer lab with a hundred other students; I got a 60% on that test.  I instantly went into panic mode, “Oh my god, I am going to fail this class and be kicked out of school.” Thankfully, my wife helped settled me down and I looked at the whole picture and with the homework I was still passing.

In my mind though, I needed and A in all my classes to bring up my GPA to get myself out of probation.  So just passing this class would not be enough.  I talked to the professor and she said that she gave out extra points at the end of the semester, the amount of points depended on how many students actually finished the course.  I did decent on the remaining tests, but had no idea what my final grade would be.  As the semester ended the teacher posted a note on the site that said she was adding 80 points to the overall point total, between homework and tests.  As I said, this class was HARD, and when I saw what the teacher had written I went to course site and was looking at my grades.  At this time I realized I could compare my grades against the class average.  The test I got a 60% on the class average was 33% and all the other tests I was way over the class average.  Those extra 80 points pushed my grade to A-.

My GPA for the semester was a respectable 3.918 and it easily pushed my overall GPA to passing and brought me out of probation.  While I am proud of how well I did this semester there are definitely things I can do to improve in the next semester.  The biggest thing I could improve upon is not waiting until the day a paper is due to actually write it.  Even the research paper, I did the research beforehand but did not even start writing it until the day it was due.  I guess that falls into the better time management category, something I can work in the spring semester.

For now, I will just happy knowing I lived up to, maybe even exceeded my own expectations.  There is room for improvement, but for once I didn’t let myself or anyone else down and that is something I can be proud of!

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2 Responses to Meeting My Expectations

  1. So proud of you! I know you’ll kick butt next semester too! As for time management and procrastination…that runs in our veins John, if you figure out how to avoid it; let me in on the secret! Love you 🙂

  2. I know procrastination runs on both sides for me. I’ll be sitting there doing nothing, thinking this or that is due soon, and then I think, soon not yet, I can wait until tomorrow. If I figure anything out I will pass it along. Love you too!

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