Dreams, everyone has dreams, right?  I do not dream all that often, maybe two or three dreams that I can remember each year.  They are always colorful and there seems to constantly be a point that I just cannot grasp and when I am just about to figure it out I wake up.  Maybe I just sleep too soundly to remember more of my dreams, I mean I do like dreams, but my memories of them are so far and so few.  These aren’t the type of dreams that I am thinking of today, though; instead I am thinking about dreams as in things you desire.

I have forgot how to dream, for too long, what I have (which isn’t a lot) has been enough and the dreams I allowed myself were more like unrealistic fantasies.  Truthfully, they were just things I wanted that I never believed would be attainable, when I thought of them there was always a mocking laugh accompanying them.  That’s the difference between people that do and those that merely think, those that think and do make their dream a goal, while those that just think most often never believe in the idea and just go onto the next thought.  That has been me, thinking thoughts never believing in them or setting goals to accomplish them.  That is no longer good enough; I must be able to rise above any and all circumstances.

The thing I dream most of for myself, the thing, aside from my family, I am most passionate about is writing, I want to be a writer.  With that in mind I am right now setting a goal of having at least the first draft of Destination Dayton done before the end of the summer.  I am more than half through it and the second half is the quicker, more fun part of the story.  I already know that I am going to change it A LOT in the second and third and fourth and so on drafts.  I will write as it happened, third person and when it comes time to re-write I might change it to first person and play with the timeline, using flashbacks to set up the current situation a little better.  So there is my first goal and it is easily attainable.

It is the next step in the process that gets me every time; sustaining the belief in the idea/goal when things don’t go right.  In this case it will be a matter of just writing and not talking myself out of writing (easy to do.)  I lived the story I know every stop along the way, it’s as simple as writing it down.  To accomplish this I realistically only need to average a thousand words a day and I know some writers write a thousand words in less than an hour.  I am not yet a writer and would be thrilled to average any number of words per day.  I must also remember that accomplishing this goal does not achieve the dream; it is just one step on the path towards the larger goal, the dream of being a writer.

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