Hockey-The best Sport Ever

For me hockey is the best sport by far, bar none.  I like other sports, well honestly the only other sport I even really like is football and that has faded over the past couple of years.  My love for hockey has only continued to grow and I see no signs of that changing.  I have been a fan since I was a mere six months old, I would sit up on my father’s knee and watch the games.  I have seen the game evolve a lot in that time, not all the changes have been for the better.  I love that in the NHL you get a five minute penalty for fighting and I hate that the league has tried to take fighting out of the sport.  Fights are not the only reason I love the sport, though and I would like share some of the other reasons why I LOVE HOCKEY!!!

            Nothing gets me out of my seat quicker than a nice, clean open ice hit.  In no other sport will you hear “you have to keep your head up,” this is what happens when you don’t keep your head up   That was and still is a legal hit.  That was in a playoff game and that one hit set the stage for entire series.  After that hit, the Flyers spent way too much time chasing around Brian Campbell, they took seventeen penalties the following game trying to get revenge.  Not every NHL game has hits like that, but most feature some bone-crushing checks and amazingly, most of the time both players skate away from these hits just fine.  Hitting is just one part of the game and scoring is the most important.

            Hits might get me out of my seat, but goals are what make a fan say, “OH MY GOD, DID YOU JUST SEE THAT?”  Personally, my favorite goals are the tic-tac-toe passing goal (pretty goals), it is a thing of perfection and no other sport can quite duplicate it.  Nice saves are great as well. There is one type of goal that is better than the pretty goals.  That would the playoff overtime game-winning goal, it doesn’t matter how it’s scored.  No goal can give a fan the elation or deflation of an overtime game winner I have been on both ends of those goals (as a fan) and no feeling I get from sports is better or worse than the playoff overtime game winning goal.

            I also love hockey fights.  Fighting in hockey is not what it was in decades past.  At least this season I have noticed a lower number of “staged” fights, where two guys that are only on their teams to fight, duke it out for no real reason.  This season I have seen more real fights, where two guys are pissed off at each other and they drop their gloves and start throwing haymakers, that’s my kind of hockey.  Years ago, there use to be bench clearing brawls, where as the name implies, both team’s benches empty and everyone grabs a partner and insanity ensues.    Fight are great, but still not my favorite thing about hockey.

            I watch a lot of hockey, I am a Buffalo Sabres fan specifically but overall I am a fan of hockey, I love the sport.  I order the NHL CenterIce package, just so I can watch almost as much hockey as I want; I love the game that much.  That love of the game goes back to being that six-month old sitting on my father’s knee, watching hockey on a fuzzy television screen.  By the time I was three years old I could name every player on the Sabres.  My dad would say a number and I would tell him the player, he would say a player’s name and I would tell him the number on their jersey.  My father and I went through some very bad periods while I was growing up, but those early memories of him letting me stay up late to watch the end of the period and once in a great while letting me sneak a sip of his beer, those are the real reasons I love the sport. 

            Hockey is the best sport; it has bone-crushing hits, sweet goals and fights.  It also has some of my fondest memories, something that can never be changed or altered.  I will always love hockey, no other sport is as exciting and exhilarating.  No sport will forever remind me of my earliest loving memories of dad and I sharing a good ole hockey game.

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