Quitting Smoking

So I quit smoking. Yes I did, after 26 years (started when I was 12.) As of right now the hardest thing for me has been writing. When I smoked I would start typing & when I came to a pause I would light up a cigarette. Most of the time I would take a couple drags, set it in the ashtray & start typing again, pause from typing & relight it. It might seem like a non-problem, but what do I do during the pauses?

I could chew pen caps, or the ends of pens, but that can have some very undesirable consequences, like a tongue that looks like an ink blot. Have you ever tasted ink? It is a horrible, foul tasting substance. Chewing pen caps does not sound appealing either, they get cracks & the next thing you know your tongue or cheek is getting stuck and that hurts.

Maybe I could try shelled peanuts, that might work. I would have to crack them open & dig out the peanuts. All I know is I have to find something to replace smoking while writing, because it is becoming a much too convenient excuse for not writing at all. I am writing this post on my phone, which is a totally new experience.

So hopefully over the next week or two you will hear more from me as I figure out my post smoking life a bit better. This was just a quick post, like “Hi, I’m still here!” looking forward to writing more in the near future!

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