My WordPress Introduction

I like telling stories.  Most of them our founded in reality, hence the name of the blog Fictional Reality, bits of truth a dash of fiction and there’s a blog.  That, to most, reality is based upon perception only lends itself to easier story telling.  No two people will have the exact same view of the same situation; people see what they want to see.  With this blog I hope to share my experiences and perceptions, while telling an interesting story worth reading.  My primary reason for writing this blog is keep myself writing when I need a break from the novel I am working on.  The blogs will mostly be about my life experiences, good, bad or otherwise.

     I have, in my own way, always been a story-teller; only they were called lies.  Honestly, what is the difference between lying and writing fiction?  With both lying and writing you are basically making shit up, right?  I know lying is bad, but tell me you never have, you can’t without lying can you?  So what separates a good liar from a bad one?  Conviction!  The really good liars tell their story with the utmost conviction, whereas bad ones just stumble their way through it.  Bridging the lying/writing connection; how does one tell a good writer from a bad writer?  Conviction? Yes, conviction, as in the voice that carries the story does so in a way that seems natural. 

     As stated above, I will do bits and pieces from my life.  The stories do sometimes run a bit long, but I try to capture the entire event, allowing the reader to share in the experience.  I will also write the random reactionary blog about current events or things of personal interest to me.  There will also be a page on this site for my novel, Destination Dayton, in which I will post the odd section from the story.  I hope to be able to mix it up some, so that the topics do not become stale and the reader uninterested.  I am always open to suggestions, so feel free to leave a comment with your thoughts, either to an individual blog or on my About Me page.  This site is much easier for leaving comments or subscribing to the blog than my last blog site was and I am really looking forward to hearing from some of you.

     This is just a basic introduction blog, since this is my first blog posted on  As I write new blogs, I might also sprinkle in a couple of blogs from the old site, I will mark those with an Original Pub date, so people who have read them before will know it is not new.  I am really looking forward to writing this blog; I plan on writing at least one or two blogs a week, sometimes more other times less.  Also, keep your eyes open for the occasional poll (another reason why WordPress is so much better than my last site.)  The main goals are to keep me writing and to keep you reading.  I will try my damnedest to keep the blog: interesting, amusing and sometimes just out there.  I do promise any blog written will be written with conviction!

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4 Responses to My WordPress Introduction

  1. sharon hinze says:

    John your new site is good. I enjoyed reading it. Keep it up. you are an excellent writer and story teller

  2. Thank you mom and I will keep it up.

  3. cath says:

    funny, but I started on WordPress and went to Blogspot because the format was easier to use with the photos I like to post. I think WordPress is a great spot to blog in too! Good luck John!

  4. I was just finding that a lot of people were having problem leaving comments & there were a couple of other things I didn’t like. There are things about WordPress I am not thrilled about either, but overall I like the look of this site much better. Thank you for reading.

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